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Your Sunday dose of WordPress history:
‘…the incredible international community that has formed around WordPress, creating localizations, translations, and incredible resource sites…’
→ Link to wordpress\.de, the home of WordPress in German back then.

Heute ist irgendwie komisch.

Isch han Jemüt.

Don’t rely on JavaScript.
Be mobile-compatible.
Optimise for feature phones.

I can’t believe I’m saying the words, but if everyone took Facebook’s submission guidelines for Free Basics to heart, the web would be a much more accessible place.

Auf Netflix gibt es „Manta Manta“, und bin gerade 16, verpisst euch, ihr Gießkannen. 😍

Kill them with kindness, they say.
*licks dripping serenity off of finger nails*

peeps: Do you know of a source on *who* the top 1k WordPress-powered websites are?
(‘Top 1k’ as in traffic, Alexa ranking, or whatever those stats usually refer to.)
I see a public list of Alexa’s general top 50, but obviously none of those are WordPress.

I can’t help it, seeing a woman chanting and dancing in the face of power makes me cry tears of grim joy every. single. time.

Schreibt deine Bank dir einen Newsletter zu ?
Meine tut’s. 💛
Traumatische UX hin oder her, ich bleibe Kunde der @[email protected]

Shit’s burning on the SMS-to-WordPress front! 🤘
By now, we have first line → post title, rest of message (parsed as Markdown to HTML) → post content.


O Kinderhort vor meinem Balkon, Quelle niemals endenden Frohsinns.

Yo, if you run a shady WordPress plugin business and you have the nerve to spam me, and I find out you’ve spammed my friends in the same automated campaign, this is what happens.

Alright, that's nice. Say something about , then like your own tweet and see what happens. 🌸 Hat tip @[email protected]

When encountering a WordPress theme or plugin provider in the wild:
1. Look for a decent About page, with human faces and a story.
2. If they’re essentially a logo and a sales pitch, run.

So, in @[email protected], is mentioned as a sponsor. I read their FAQ, but I feel I don't quite get the picture yet.
Anyone in my timeline who knows more about them? Any articles worth reading?

Hanging out with this guy, listening to @[email protected] № 186: Tantek Çelik (@[email protected])—web standards, toolchains, and the decentralized web.

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