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I wrote JavaScript tonight. Purely for progressively enhanced visuals.
I also wrote a WP REST API request on the same site. In PHP.

*googles: clean silver candle holders*
Internet: wrap in aluminium foil and boil for 15 minutes
20 minutes later: *googles: remove wax layers from pot and kitchen sink*

WordPress people, have any of you participated in this program, or do you know anyone who has and who'd be willing to answer some questions about it via DM?
I'm literally asking for a friend. 🙂

"Sind gleich da."
"Willst du dich vorher nochmal kämmen?"

16 Jahre verheiratet.
Es sind die kleinen Freuden.

I'm at a 70th bday party and the host's only wish was that everybody dress up in all white and no I feel like attending a geriatric conference in a Monty Python movie.

Gibt's eigentlich schon eine Petition, dass Rezo Bundeskanzler*in werden soll?

There’s a teeny-tiny little spider sailing on a thread midair right before my nose and this is the most poetic thing I’ve seen in months.

Rezo-Video gesehen.
Liebe den Jungen.

peeps, am Schleusenufer gibt's heute ab 12:00 anscheinend ein South East Asian Festival. Frau und ich gehen, falls jemand Lust hat, zu uns zu stoßen. Eintritt €4.

Obrigado, Lisboa, you've been beautiful. Sad to leave, look forward coming back! 🙋‍♂️

That little red something right there? It's what makes me understand the necessity of Tequila. 🌶

Slide deck of my talk at :
Thank you, @[email protected] organisers, volunteers, and fellow speakers for a packed and inspiring event. ❤️

"Letting go is hard", says @[email protected] in her talk on mindful design, and my phone falls off my knee.

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