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Die nächste Landmasse von hier aus ist die Antarktis. Ein nachgerade überlebenswichtig "cooler" Gedanke.

If I'd hop off this balcony and walked about 30 meters into the night, I'd be standing in the waters of the Indian Ocean. While remote work doesn't necessarily mean digital nomading, it sure can make you go places. (P.S. @humanmadeltd are hiring!)

Sunday Twitter, your favourite (Android or web) app to manage personal finances? Shoot!

Wenn du denkst, du musst irre Steuern nachzahlen, und dann ist alles halb so schlimm! 🎉
Darauf erstmal einen … öh … Tee?

If I created a solution to a forum topic from 6 years ago, would someone be able to unlock the thread, so I could reply tomorrow?

"If Google would buy Automattic, we'd be shooting ourselves in the foot. We want a flourishing open web. Swallowing a major WordPress player would be counterproductive to that goal."
@[email protected] answering the acquisition question from the audience.

"Because of the complexity [of performance, service workers etc.] it looks like only corporations with piles of money can take advantage of all the web can do. AMP is about closing that gap and make that technology available to everyone."
@[email protected]

"It's important to scrutinise and question corporations. Everybody thinks 'Google', but I see our team as a kind of start-up inside of Google. Everybody needs a successful open web."
@[email protected]

"In the past, Google failed to understand the WordPress community as a whole. We made that Adsense plugin, threw it at the WordPress community, and the WordPress community threw it back saying capital_p_dangit."
@[email protected] 😂

"I'm going to assume you all know who I am by know. If you don't... well, I'm @[email protected]'s husband."
*crowd cheering*

"Things go wrong because people sit in their offices and assume shit. Do user testing!"
@[email protected]

"It's easy to forget 'users' are actually real people. You know, this empathy thing, it's not touchy feelings shit. This is big business. [...] Google Analytics tells you what people do on your website; it doesn't show you what people *want* to do."

Breakfasting in this amazing hotrl-on-a-boat soundtracked by Otis Redding's 'Hard to Handle'. Couldn't have it any better on this Friday.

"So, how do I know... who I am?"
Deep philosophical rabbit-holing at Domain-driven Design workshop, ama.

Unanswered questions:
- Search in China
- Audio search optimisation
- Multi-market, multi-lingual SEO
- Search APIs for walled garden platforms

"The system is being gamed and we need you [SEO experts] to help clean it."

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