A placeholder text generator based on the Declaration of Human Rights.

'The only way forward is to build an Open Source economy which promotes equity and shifts our mantra from “decisions are made by those who can afford to show up” to “decisions are made by those who are most impacted”.'
Keeps me thinking.

Your Sunday dose of WordPress history:
‘…the incredible international community that has formed around WordPress, creating localizations, translations, and incredible resource sites…’
→ Link to wordpress\.de, the home of WordPress in German back then.

Heute ist irgendwie komisch.

Isch han Jemüt.

Don’t rely on JavaScript.
Be mobile-compatible.
Optimise for feature phones.

I can’t believe I’m saying the words, but if everyone took Facebook’s submission guidelines for Free Basics to heart, the web would be a much more accessible place.


Auf Netflix gibt es „Manta Manta“, und bin gerade 16, verpisst euch, ihr Gießkannen. 😍

Kill them with kindness, they say.
*licks dripping serenity off of finger nails*

peeps: Do you know of a source on *who* the top 1k WordPress-powered websites are?
(‘Top 1k’ as in traffic, Alexa ranking, or whatever those stats usually refer to.)
I see a public list of Alexa’s general top 50, but obviously none of those are WordPress.

@chriswiegman Which client do you use? I looked into cross-platform email clients a while back, it was a sobering experience. Ended up sticking with Gmail + Inbox at the time. Best email UX I’ve had so far, but it’s gooone. 😭

I can’t help it, seeing a woman chanting and dancing in the face of power makes me cry tears of grim joy every. single. time.

@chriswiegman Not yet, but a plugin could come out of it eventually. Currently, it’s a simple PoC via Zapier.

Schreibt deine Bank dir einen Newsletter zu ?
Meine tut’s. 💛
Traumatische UX hin oder her, ich bleibe Kunde der @[email protected]

Shit’s burning on the SMS-to-WordPress front! 🤘
By now, we have first line → post title, rest of message (parsed as Markdown to HTML) → post content.


O Kinderhort vor meinem Balkon, Quelle niemals endenden Frohsinns.

Yo, if you run a shady WordPress plugin business and you have the nerve to spam me, and I find out you’ve spammed my friends in the same automated campaign, this is what happens.

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