Your Sunday dose of WordPress history:
‘…the incredible international community that has formed around WordPress, creating localizations, translations, and incredible resource sites…’
→ Link to wordpress\.de, the home of WordPress in German back then.

Don’t rely on JavaScript.
Be mobile-compatible.
Optimise for feature phones.

I can’t believe I’m saying the words, but if everyone took Facebook’s submission guidelines for Free Basics to heart, the web would be a much more accessible place.

Shit’s burning on the SMS-to-WordPress front! 🤘
By now, we have first line → post title, rest of message (parsed as Markdown to HTML) → post content.

Yo, if you run a shady WordPress plugin business and you have the nerve to spam me, and I find out you’ve spammed my friends in the same automated campaign, this is what happens.

When encountering a WordPress theme or plugin provider in the wild:
1. Look for a decent About page, with human faces and a story.
2. If they’re essentially a logo and a sales pitch, run.

Hanging out with this guy, listening to @[email protected] № 186: Tantek Çelik (@[email protected])—web standards, toolchains, and the decentralized web.

Sketchnoterin beim : „Was macht du, wenn du einen Fehler gemacht hast?“
Junior-WordCamper: „Den Fehler nochmal machen, damit er nicht als Fehler auffällt?“


Going home is a curious thing. Feeling heartbroken to leave this beautiful place and simultaneously excited to see the loved one again after 10 days with an amazing crowd of humans.

Die nächste Landmasse von hier aus ist die Antarktis. Ein nachgerade überlebenswichtig "cooler" Gedanke.

"If Google would buy Automattic, we'd be shooting ourselves in the foot. We want a flourishing open web. Swallowing a major WordPress player would be counterproductive to that goal."
@[email protected] answering the acquisition question from the audience.

"I'm going to assume you all know who I am by know. If you don't... well, I'm @[email protected]'s husband."
*crowd cheering*

"It's easy to forget 'users' are actually real people. You know, this empathy thing, it's not touchy feelings shit. This is big business. [...] Google Analytics tells you what people do on your website; it doesn't show you what people *want* to do."

Breakfasting in this amazing hotrl-on-a-boat soundtracked by Otis Redding's 'Hard to Handle'. Couldn't have it any better on this Friday.

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