"If Google would buy Automattic, we'd be shooting ourselves in the foot. We want a flourishing open web. Swallowing a major WordPress player would be counterproductive to that goal."
@iAlbMedina@twitter.com answering the acquisition question from the audience.

"I'm going to assume you all know who I am by know. If you don't... well, I'm @MariekeRakt@twitter.com's husband."
*crowd cheering*

"It's easy to forget 'users' are actually real people. You know, this empathy thing, it's not touchy feelings shit. This is big business. [...] Google Analytics tells you what people do on your website; it doesn't show you what people *want* to do."

Breakfasting in this amazing hotrl-on-a-boat soundtracked by Otis Redding's 'Hard to Handle'. Couldn't have it any better on this Friday.

"So, how do I know... who I am?"
Deep philosophical rabbit-holing at Domain-driven Design workshop, ama.

Unanswered questions:
- Search in China
- Audio search optimisation
- Multi-market, multi-lingual SEO
- Search APIs for walled garden platforms

"The system is being gamed and we need you [SEO experts] to help clean it."

"Web advertising ROI (in many fields) is trending to zero."
Lots of businesses don't have to be profitable, they just need to show growth.

I haven’t had any coffee for – @jan_dembowski@twitter.com, dig this – 28 days straight. Not a single drop.

*pause for effect*

Might have one later today. If you see a flash of gray zooming by, that was me in my hoodie, on a caffeine high.

That’s a first. Got an email from the same guy, same subject: “I was hacked.”
So? I didn’t hack you, tonyd2759@hotmail.com.

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Blogs sind nicht tot. Aber sie haben ein Problem. michaelfirnkes.de/blogs-tot/ mit @bloggerabc@twitter.com @robvegas@twitter.com @gastrobenni@twitter.com @kaffeeringe@twitter.com @embis_gmbh@twitter.com @Leopom@twitter.com

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Good morning.

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Can’t be living in the past, man. Stay tuned.

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17 years. If we hadn’t met, I likely wouldn’t have gotten into ‘web design’, so I wouldn’t be here today.

‘Do you ever write a silly pop song?’
—‘I don’t know what a silly song is. In my culture, purpose of song is to give life and hope to the people, to heal the broken hearts. And you don’t get to sing a song when you have nothing to say.’


I wrote this in 2nd person on a postcard today, you’ll know who you are soon.
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Being a writer
RT @heroinebook@twitter.com Long ago, I became a full-time, self-employeed freelance writer. I kind of thought the reality would look like this:

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Bei uns in Babelsberg alles gut, anscheinend einfach Glück mit der Windrichtung gehabt.
Armes Brandenburg, erst die Trockenheit und jetzt das.
RT @tagesschau@twitter.com Heftige Waldbrände in Brandenburg: Drei Dörfer mussten evakuiert werden. Der Rauch zieht bis nach Potsdam und Berlin. Feuerwehr, Technisches Hilfswerk und Bundeswehr sind mit 450 Kräften im Einsatz.

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