Serious question: why is it that some people don't "get" common user interfaces?
Is there any sort of educational literature to help a person grasp the concepts of login forms, or a context menu?
How is it some people remember their interactions with UIs but others don't?

@caspar I don't have an answer to this but I wanna offer some advice; a rewrite of your post that sounds less presumptive and judgemental.

"Serious question: Why do some people not find common user interfaces easy to use? Is there any educational literature on teaching common user interfaces?"

(explanation in reply)


Your last question presumes an answer to your first question: you're answering "why" with "because people don't remember them."

Asking why people don't "get" it implies its innate, which also presumes the answer to why: "because they're missing some default attribute that the majority have."

These presumptions make it trickier to answer the question, since they have to be deconstructed or worked around.

Sorry if this isn't wanted or helpful, but it's an interesting question!

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