Eheliche Projektplanung.
Ich: "Und als nächstes sollten wir aus diesen Ideen ein paar Actionables entwickeln"

Eat as healthy as you can, peeps.
"In 2015, ~7 million people died from tobacco smoke, and 2.75m from [...] alcohol, but 12m deaths could be attributed to [...] diets low in vegetables, nuts and seafood or diets high in processed meats and sugary drinks."

✅ Post to WordPress via SMS.
✅ Notify subscribers via SMS about new posts.
📝 Set up full message flow with media and Markdown support.
😰 @twilio trial quota.

[DE] Wer kennt eine Bank in Deutschland mit einer zeitgemäßen Weboberfläche und/oder App, vernünftiger API und Umsatz-Export in gängige Formate? Ich flippe langsam aus mit dem UI meiner Bank von gefühlt 2006.

Q: What is the recommended dress code for the conference?
A: The recommended attire is business casual.


Sri Lankisch und Schwäbisch klingen übrigens genau gleich, wie ich aus nächster Nähe feststellen durfte.

Going home is a curious thing. Feeling heartbroken to leave this beautiful place and simultaneously excited to see the loved one again after 10 days with an amazing crowd of humans.

Die nächste Landmasse von hier aus ist die Antarktis. Ein nachgerade überlebenswichtig "cooler" Gedanke.

If I'd hop off this balcony and walked about 30 meters into the night, I'd be standing in the waters of the Indian Ocean. While remote work doesn't necessarily mean digital nomading, it sure can make you go places. (P.S. @humanmadeltd are hiring!)

Sunday Twitter, your favourite (Android or web) app to manage personal finances? Shoot!

Wenn du denkst, du musst irre Steuern nachzahlen, und dann ist alles halb so schlimm! 🎉
Darauf erstmal einen … öh … Tee?

If I created a solution to a forum topic from 6 years ago, would someone be able to unlock the thread, so I could reply tomorrow?

Thanks for a great event, team! 💜

"If Google would buy Automattic, we'd be shooting ourselves in the foot. We want a flourishing open web. Swallowing a major WordPress player would be counterproductive to that goal." answering the acquisition question from the audience.

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