Obrigado, Lisboa, you've been beautiful. Sad to leave, look forward coming back! 🙋‍♂️

That little red something right there? It's what makes me understand the necessity of Tequila. 🌶

Slide deck of my talk at : glueckpress.com/9990/text-me/
Thank you, @[email protected] organisers, volunteers, and fellow speakers for a packed and inspiring event. ❤️

"Letting go is hard", says @[email protected] in her talk on mindful design, and my phone falls off my knee.

"In fact, everyone is creative, but we only call a few people Creatives."
@[email protected]

Is there a word in Portuguese for when people have a chat while resting in the shade mid-hill? Asking for a friend.

Still bummed Twilio supports inbound MMS only for US numbers. To be fair, though, I can see it’s kind of a dying format with WhatsApp dominating global texting.

Head buzzing with tons of new stuff learned at @[email protected] Berlin. I could use a proper weekend now. 😅

Twitter, a while ago there was that headline that Google was training a AI on Drive content, but I can’t seem to find it anymore. If anyone has it bookmarked, I’d dearly appreciate a link, thx!

Netflix newbie here.
I watched a documentary on Street Food, loved it.
Now it keeps showing me all the cooking stuff. I hate cooking series in general.
Can I somehow tell it to not do that?

Well, done with one of the services I hated most with Google: Keep. I've moved to joplinapp.org/ instead. Hopefully I'll be more inclined to actually take notes again.

Not available for RT.
"Since the 2016 election, it has grown increasingly clear that allowing young, mostly male technologists to build largely unregulated, proprietary, international networks might have been a large-scale, high-stakes error in judgment." newyorker.com/news/letter-from

Beloved people, please help my colleague at @[email protected], Nevena Tomovic, gather data for her talk on the future of WordPress careers.
👉 The survey takes just 5 minutes. Can I ask you to do it right now?
Also, RTs appreciated! ❤️

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