Two weeks staycation coming to an end. I removed the Twitter app from my phone again and plan to check in here less often. Not that I don’t like reading you all, I do! Too much actually, that’s why. 😄 Let’s see how it goes.

It's my loved one's bday, so here are some roses for you all.

Serious question: why is it that some people don't "get" common user interfaces?
Is there any sort of educational literature to help a person grasp the concepts of login forms, or a context menu?
How is it some people remember their interactions with UIs but others don't?

[email protected][email protected] I recently listened to two episodes of WP HackerCast. Best WordPress-related podcast I’ve listened to in a long time. Thanks for putting it out here!

Knäckebrot mit Querstreben, die es daran hindern, sich einem mit der Marmeladenseite in die Hand zu falten.

Pro tip: look busy while on vacation – or *somebody and her infinite supplies of handicraft jobs* will make sure you are.

On a learning journey to . Current level of understanding:

"HTML should be a programming, not a declarative language, because we're programmers and using PHP for templating is so 2003."

Am I getting it right? 🤔

In 2018, Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 searched most for ‘small business’. Why?

The growth of hyper-local searches (‘…near me’) shows how vital micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) are around the world, says Google.

(Thread 👇)

Can someone confirm it's possible to create a block entirely in PHP, without any knowledge of React whatsoever?
I *think* I remember I've read that somewhere.

Have I just tweeted the same thing twice? Sorry, quirky train connection.

And again, @[email protected] does a fantastic job providing a platform to the voices of some of the most inspiring role models in this community. This one is from @[email protected]

Genau. Weil Fahrerinnen gibt's keine bei Uber. Aus Gründen.

👉 Follow-up on the incident during @[email protected]'s Q&A:
Apparently there had been a language-related (!) misunderstanding about WordPress meetup guidelines and the GPL that had led the attendee to present their "question" I ended up interrupting as Emcee in charge. 👇

Thanks, everyone, for your comments.
I just want to make sure to point out interrupting that attendee had nothing to do with their actual question but solely with how it was presented. Asking live questions is a privilege, no matter the speaker. Respect everybody's time.

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